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Is the BBC having me on? Freitag, 11. August 2006, 21:02:22

In the ongoing saga of The BBC is quoting me!, the last instalment was in January 2006, when the editor mailed me (after I bugged him about not answering for three months) that the next review of the page in question would happen in April 2006:

Dear Matthias,

Rest assured that our staff are addressing this issue at the present. However, our next update of our guidelines will occur in April, so that is when any changes based on your enquiry will go live on our site.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards

So I was patient (again) and checked the page in April. You won't be surprised to hear that nothing was changed. We are now way into August, and the quote they took from me still has no attribution.

Like I wrote before, it's no big deal- it's actually quite entertaining. The way this is developing reminds me of Kafkas attempt at getting to the castle. I think I'll send off yet another e-mail and post the editor's next excuse here.